Bilal Samadhi is a R&B singer/rapper who sprinkles
his sultry sound with touches of ‘conscious’ lyrics.

Songwriter, producer,
and overall visionary of SLB Productions,
Bilal has over 15 years of experience in the music game

As one of the youngest ever
to perform on the Apollo stage at the age of 8 years old,
Bilal was signed to a Motown Recording contract
with his brothers as the multi-platinum selling group
The Boys.

Known as Baby B,
Boys fans knew him to be
the little cute one in the back that
they make sing backup.


Throughout the years,
Bilal has been honing his
craft of production, songwriting, and performance,
and he is now ready to step out of the shadows

and into the spotlight.

Bilal never stopped creating over the years;
thus, he has a catalog of music

that’s been held for the right time…

That time is NOW!


This site is the official hub
for all Bilal Samadhi music, media, and merch.
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This music is a movement,
putting soul, love and spirit
over bang’n rich soundscapes.
Authentic artistry written and produced
by the performer direct from the heart space…

Join us on this musical journey.
Your feedback and comments are appreciated.

One Family, One Team, One Love!

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